Temple Funds

The Temple’s membership dues are our primary source of income, however our budget also depends upon the generous giving of donations. Donations are encouraged and donating opportunities are available in many ways.
Donations may be made directly to the General Fund, to the Endowment Fund, and to the Building Fund. You may also make a contribution to the Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund.  A permanent record of your donation may be obtained by purchasing a leaf on the Tree of Life or Tree of Memory, or by purchasing a bronze nameplate for the Yahrzeit tablets.
It is appropriate to make donations for any reason, some of which are in honor of family achievements, life cycle events, simchas and in memory of loved ones.
Please note the information regarding established funds which appear elsewhere on this page.

High Holiday Appeal  
Each year before the High Holidays arrive, a High Holiday Appeal Drive is prepared.  This appeal reaches out to our congregational family and to those friends of B’er Chayim who contribute yearly to maintain this Jewish presence in Western Maryland.  This once-yearly appeal provides a significant portion of our operational revenue.

Yahrzeit Plaques
Cost of plaque – $250.00
Preparation of plaque – about 1 month
Contact Gayle Griffith for more information

Tree of Life/Tree of Memory Leaves  
Cost of leaf – $40, which includes engraving
Preparation of leaf – about 2 weeks
Contact Gayle Griffith for more information

Jane and Leonard Schwab Jewish Life Fund
   This fund will be used to enhance Jewish life in the B’er Chayim community.  Please make checks payable to the “Jane and Leonard Schwab Jewish Life Fund” and send them to B’er Chayim Temple.

Building Fund
Contributions of any amount may be made and may be given for general building use, or for a specific building project (subject to approval by the Board).  Contact Debbie Lang for more information.

Yahrzeit Reminders
Aproximately 3 weeks before the date of a specific yahrzeit, a notification of the upcoming date is mailed to the family as a reminder.  A contribution form is included with this reminder, and acknowledgment of this contribution is made in the next published bulletin.

Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund
Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund is exactly what it says – a fund solely under the discretion of the Rabbi.  Contributions can be made to this fund by making arrangements directly with the Rabbi, the amount contributed is not disclosed to the membership, nor is the use for these funds.

Endowment Opportunities
Western Wall Memorial Located outside of Sanctuary

Small stone $1000 – $4999 Patron
Middle stone $5000 – $9999 Sponsor
Large Stone $10,000 – $19,000 Benefactor
Largest stones over $20,000 Foundation Contributors
Contact Treasurer Gayle Griffith for more information
on any of these options.

Wills, Trusts and other Financial Planning Vehicles

Your inclusion of B’er Chayim Congregation in your
own financial planning is encouraged.Please contact
Gayle Griffith or Debbie Lang
if you would like to begin this process.

Martin’s Grocery Scrip (Cash for Causes)
This is one of the more “painless” fundraisers we conduct.  Members and non-members purchase Martin’s grocery cards, with face values of $25, $50 and $100, or a custom value, use them for purchases at Martin’s grocery stores, and B’er Chayim Congregation makes 5% on each card purchase.  They are used just as any other credit or gift card, in the store or when ordering online.  Contact the Temple office if you would like to participate: admin@berchayim.org, or call 301-722-5688.