Temple House

In 1899, the Congregation purchased the lot adjoining the rear of the Temple, and a building was erected for use as a Parsonage. In 1900 the Parsonage was complete and for many years was occupied by the Rabbis of the Congregation. At other times it was rented to private individuals, and at one time was occupied by the School Board of Allegany County.

When Rabbi Carl Herman arrived in 1922, he recognized that the Congregation needed a place where all of the members could meet in a social setting, and a move developed to establish a club house atmosphere in the former Parsonage building. In 1923 the Temple House was formally opened, and was operated for several years by a separate committee and Governor. All manner of entertainment was held there, including minstrel shows, dinners, moving pictures, dances, card parties, educational forums, debates and so on. Services of a chef were obtained who could cater to the wishes and appetites of those who made use of the Temple House. A pool table and other equipment were purchased. This level of activity was difficult to sustain, and as the years passed energies were directed to other projects and issues.

Recollections by members are that by the mid 1930’s the building was again being used as a Sunday school. It has remained so until current time, except for a brief period in the 1940’s when Rabbi Feuer and his family resided there due to a housing shortage in the community.